Hello friends vande matram,

Adv.Vinay Kumar Puvvala has been a practising attorney with specific focus in the field of Intellectual Property Rights for over a decade Supreme Court Of Inidia and is a legal advisor to Crime Research Investigation Agency of India.
Educational Background: BSC(Electronics), MBA(Finance), LLB, Advanced Diploma in IPR(NALSAR PRO)
Warm welcome to the world of CRIAI. CRIAI is nothing just a mission of crime and corruption free India. CRIAI team inviting you to be a part of this mission where most of the people face challanges to survive their lives happily but because of crime and corruption in our system in every step, it is just like a dream. Here, we Criaiians taking iniciative Crime Investigation, Corruption Investigation, Human Right Protection, Bonded Labour Atrocities, Child Labour Atrocities and Police Atrocities Investigation in all over India. We do not need wishes, we need helping hands. People who wish to fight against crime and corruption, we are with you.
Wake up India...... Future is yours.

Adv. Vinay Kumar Puvvala
National Legal Advisor (CRIAI)
Advocate Supreme Court Of Inidia